Are your users still having to log into Shibboleth and Azure/ADFS separately?

 SAAM can solve that problem for you!

When you purchase our all new 

Shibboleth ADFS & Shibboleth Azure 

Authentication Modules (SAAM)

We are giving away a free Cloud Shibboleth IdP 

Yes that right, a free Cloud Shibboleth IdP! Overt Software have been providing SSO services (Shibboleth & Azure AD /ADFS) since 2004, so we understand the frustrations with SSO.

Our Shibboleth ADFS & Azure Modules come with a free 30-day trial and a money back guarantee if you aren't fully satisfied

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Free Cloud Shibboleth IdP
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Overt Software 

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Are you plagued with multiple logins to Shibboleth and Microsoft Azure / ADFS resources? You can make that problem disappear using SAAM

Overt Software is one of the founding commercial members of the Shibboleth Consortium (we have been on this Shibboleth journey since 2004), so you know you are in safe hands.

Your free Cloud Shibboleth IdP comes with loads of extra's. For example:

  • Awesome support contract
  •  24/7 Support Portal
  •  Tier 3/4 Worldwide Datacentres, delivering you with a 100% network/power uptime
  •  Fully managed & Fully backed-up 

That’s why we are giving away a free Cloud Shibboleth Identity Provider, when you purchase our all new. Shibboleth Azure AD & Shibboleth ADFS Authentication Modules (with a free 30-day trial)

ADFS works better with Microsoft’s services such as Office 365, SharePoint etc

You can federate multiple top level domains in Office 365 and I guess if things do go wrong you are supported with Microsoft services!

We believe Shibboleth on the other-hand works better than ADFS with almost everything other than MS services. For example federated library resources, which gets the thumbs up by nearly all academic federations across the world. We feel Overt's Cloud Shibboleth IdP gives you better flexibility compared with other authentication and attribute stores (not just Active Directory).

Let students be the winners!

We feel you don’t have to opt for Shibboleth federated resources or Azure AD/ADFS 

Why not have both?

Allow us to combine the authentication of Overts Cloud Shibboleth IdP and your ADFS/Azure AD 

Your could also benefit from the uptime of the Azure Cloud, as well as utilising a Load Balanced Shibboleth Solution thereby giving you the best uptime possible.

Shibboleth IdP


ADFS Authentication


Azure AD Authentication 


Shibboleth vs Microsoft ADFS/Azure AD

  • ADFS/Azure AD works better with Microsoft’s other services such as Office 365, SharePoint etc .... 
  • You can federate multiple top level domains in Office 365.
  • More support with Microsoft services if things do go wrong.
  •  On the other hand Shibboleth.
  • Works better than ADFS with almost everything other than MS services. 
  •  It's great with federated library resources.
  •  Recommended by all academic federations across the world.
  • More flexibility with other authentication and attribute stores (not just Active Directory). 
  • Open source, so can be customised more easily. 

Deployment Options...

  •  Run ADFS on its own

Difficult with non-MS federated resources

  •  Run Shibboleth on its Own

Many institutions accept the limitations of Shibboleth and use it with Office 365 and other non-MS federated resources. Most smaller organisations can run Shibboleth with Office 365 without issue

  •  Run Shibboleth and ADFS together

For some organisations it is essential that ADFS and Shibboleth are both implemented to get the best of both worlds

Ah ok, I can see the problem!

Running both systems results in two separate SSO implementations. This requires users to login twice and lets be honest, we all can get confused by different login formats.

The solution!

  •  The Shibboleth/ADFS/Azure AD Module modifies Shibboleth Identity Providers (IdP) so they can utilise ADFS/Azure AD to take care of the authentication phase.
  •  The Shibboleth/ADFS/Azure AD Module results in logging the user into the organistion's Shibboleth and ADFS SSO system at the same time.
  •  Users can then seamlessly go from Office 365 to other federated resources
  •  One unified login page reduces confusion

Make your SSO environment
friction and frustration free with our ADFS & Azure AD Authentication Modules

With more and more students wanting to access resources online, it seems strange to get them to jump through more sign-on hoops. Just one secure, strong password lets your users truly single sign on to Shibboleth & Azure AD/ADFS resources.

Lets go with the flow.

  1. User accesses a Shibboleth protected   resource. 
  2. The User is redirected to the Idp
  3. User is then directed to the ADFS Server
  4. The user authenticates against ADFS and then is sent back to the IdP
  5. Attribute resolution then takes place (as normal on the IdP) and the IdP releases attributes to the Shibboleth protected resource.

Start Your Free, No Risk, 30-day trial!

When you sign-up to one of our ADFS or Azure AD Modules, you get a free Cloud IdP!

See what our customers think of SAAM

"This will simplify access to all kinds of resources in one stroke..."

"We’re very excited by the prospect of bringing Single Sign On between Shibboleth and Azure authenticated resources such as Office 365 to the University of Dundee. Our users will benefit from one unified familiar Sign in Experience wherever they go first which is a far better experience. This will simplify access to all kinds of resources in one stroke. Our pilot group think it’s fantastic, we’ve had nothing but great feedback. It’s been a great experience working with Overt in setting this up."

The University of Dundee

Andy Swiffin, Product Engineer Unified Communications and Ian Swift, Product Engineer Identity and Directories graham-mason-4b32b8141

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

That's right, we want to make sure you are 100% Satisfied in our SAAM and Cloud Shibboleth IdP Products. You can try the product for 30 days completely risk free, if you do not want to continue after your free trial the Cloud Shibboleth IdP will be securely deleted.